There’s something unique about the feeling of voting.

It’s something above and beyond just donating money to or volunteering for a favorite political cause. Better than the discussion and debate that I’ve enjoyed participating in year round.

It’s easy to say “it’s not worth it”, or “it’s too time-consuming”, or “I don’t care enough”. A lot of people do. At least for me, though, getting to actually participate in determining the direction of my country means a lot to me, and given the opportunity I will absolutely take it.

You should, too. You’ve still got some time today. I won’t even tell you who to vote for. That’s not what this is about. This is about participatory democracy, not my personal ideology.

When you get off work today, or get home from picking your kid up from school, or get done with your college classes – whatever it may be that you normally do with your day – take some time. Make your voice heard.

One of my fonder dreams is to see a nation where everyone takes the time to vote. I know we’re not going to get there this year – probably not even this decade – but let’s get one step closer to that dream this year, shall we?

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