The beauty of music

This semester, I’ve been working hardest on a Handel double sonata arranged for violin and viola with keyboard accompaniment; another violinist music major is going to be playing harpsichord for it. The violist and I have worked on this piece most of the semester, and got it sounding pretty nice. Last week, however, we got together with our harpsichordist, and OH MY GOODNESS. The piece was absolutely gorgeous. The way that we all just naturally meshed after we started playing was brilliant. After playing it through, I really didn’t have anything to say; we didn’t get off rhythmically from one another, everyone sounded in tune (granted, we had to retune to that silly harpsichord! That A is *NOT* a 440 (but not Baroque tuning either; there’s a little switch on the side that lets you switch back and forth from Baroque and regular tuning)), and the piece just flowed. It was fantastic.

This is the kind of thing I really enjoy. After that rehearsal, I just thought to myself, “WOW. If this sounds this good this week, I can’t even imagine what it’ll be like on the string jury.” I’m really excited. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to record it; I’ll bring my laptop along or something. Promise.

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