Quick thoughts on Obama’s #ImmigrationAction speech tonight

I don’t necessarily agree with the methodology that President Obama is taking on immigration tonight. I’m not convinced that unilateral executive action is the right way to go about it – just like I wasn’t convinced that any of Bush’s almost 300 executive orders was the right way to go about anything. One person dictating policy doesn’t sit well with me, especially since this is supposed to be a representative democracy, with laws passed through Congress. (I could tangent about the midterm turnout for the last couple decades, but that’s a separate topic.)

With that said – when you’ve got the Speaker of the House intentionally delaying votes on a reform bill that the Senate passed with 68 votes – huge, considering the gridlock in Washington these days – what do you do? Do you sit there and continue to take flak for the “border crisis”? Or do you step up and take some action?

In this case, I would argue that something is better than nothing. Yeah the unilateral executive action is kind of sketch, but what are you really supposed to do? Stand by and let the current state of affairs continue for the next few months while the House sits on their hands? I don’t think that’s wise – it’s a bad solution for literally everyone involved.

While we’re on the subject, as I posted earlier, it’s kind of disgusting that the media has chosen not to air the speech tonight. When there’s been so much talk on the news about the “border crisis” and immigration policy, it’s really disingenuous to ignore the action that’s actually being taken. The American population deserves to be informed as to what’s actually going on, rather than getting it secondhand from your partisan news outlet of choice (yes, whether that be MSNBC or Fox).

UPDATE: What I’ve heard here is essentially that President Obama is putting into place the bill that would have passed if Boehner had brought it to a floor vote any time in the last 18 months. I can live with that. I expected something more drastic, and I’m glad that didn’t happen. If the bill in the House passes, these executive actions likely won’t even be necessary in the long run.

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