You know, it’s interesting. Looking at where I was during, say, spring 2011 or so, I really had no direction. Yeah, I mean, I had pretty much set my sights on political science as a major at that point, and I knew that that was going to be my path to graduating college, but that doesn’t mean I really had any idea where I was going to end up after college. At the time, I hadn’t really had any idea about what I wanted to do with my life – I think at the time I might have had some nebulous ideas about law school, but come on. I can’t see myself ever making my way to law school; I don’t have the dedication or the patience.

Given this, I wasn’t exactly thrilled about life after college because, quite honestly, I really did not have any idea how I was going to succeed after graduating. Fortunately, a couple of months later, I started my IT job and that gave me some ideas. Turned out I was pretty good with computers, so that turned into a Good Idea. Since then it’s kind of developed into the one career option that I know I’ll be good at coming out of school, which is nice. Anyway, though, I had finally figured out what I wanted to do – but at the time, all I knew was that. I had no idea where I wanted to do it – other than “not Montana”, anyway, because HA HA HA PAY RATES IN MONTANA. Seriously. It wasn’t until around fall 2011 that I finally figured out where I wanted to end up. Ottawa seems like a really nice place to live, IMO.

Thank goodness I finally figured it out. At that point, I was beginning to run out of stuff to worry about, which I guess was probably a good thing. Unfortunately, with my personality, there’s always something for me to be neurotic about. Now that future plans were out of the way, it was time for me to start worrying about the more immediate future, involving things like actually graduating. You know, the stuff that is usually pretty important in college. It wasn’t until now that I could safely say that yes, I’ve got my college career pretty much locked up. That feels really good, being able to say that. Makes it a lot easier for me to have a positive outlook on the next chapter of my life. It’s like everything’s just falling into place – a little bit later than I’d like to have had that happen, but it’s at least happening now. And while maybe I don’t have a job lined up at this exact moment in time, I am feeling really positive about where things are headed. It’s a nice feeling. I hope I can keep that going for the next few decades.

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