My busy life this spring

I really have been meaning to get back into the swing of things with blogging for a few weeks now; unfortunately, I haven’t had the time, between work and my off-work-hours projects like FastInviter or one of the things I’m working on with Matt. Plus, I’m starting to pick up some new technologies – recently I’ve had cause to look into both nginx (for hosting) and Laravel (for a PHP framework), so I’ve been kept on my toes trying to figure everything out. Although it’s been a very busy time, it’s been fun too.

One nice thing about this looking into new technology is that I’ve gotten a chance to get back into XenServer a little bit as well. Recently, we’ve been looking into doing high-availability VM’s with XenServer pools, and that has been really cool. One of the recent big pushes has been for us to look into virtualization, and getting to dig even deeper than before into what XenServer can do has been really nice for me. In our test environment, we’ve got two servers in a pool and a separate NFS datastore – and it’s all working together really well. I’m excited to see where that takes us.

FastInviter has been going pretty well, too. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had a ton of time to get things going with it, but I did manage to finish up the management interface, so if you’re interested in taking a look at that it’s still live and being developed. I’m hoping to have the entire project finished by the end of the month, time permitting. It’s got an SSL cert on it now, too, so if you’re interested in cool stuff like that, I really recommend checking it out. (I got the cert for free through StartSSL – I’m keeping it with them for a year, but the revoke/rekey fees scare me. Still trying to decide whether I want to move to a more traditional cert provider or not).

That about wraps up what’s new with tech, but my life’s been really busy recently as well. I took a nice trip to Toronto this last weekend to spend some time with Sarah. We had a lot of fun on Saturday – visited Momofuku’s milk bar to buy some pie and cookies that morning (thanks to Drew for telling me about it!), but not before we had made it to the Chapters bookstore nearby (we had gotten to Momofuku a bit before they opened, so had to do some wandering). As it turned out, that Chapters was going out of business, so they had huge discounts on everything – I walked out with 3 brand new, hardcover books for a total of less than $10 – I paid only 47 cents for one of them!

There’s a really cool sculpture outside Momofuku. It goes all the way up the building!
There’s a really cool sculpture outside Momofuku. It goes all the way up the building!

That evening, we had a fantastic dinner at Donatello – it was honestly the best Italian food I’ve ever had. I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re on a budget, but the server was amazing and the food was great as well. We both had stuff from their nightly list of specials, so I can’t really recommend any of their menu items specifically, but it was still really tasty!

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention our short excursion to David’s Tea. It’s a really nice tea shop with tons of different flavors – plus some wonderful tea accessories. I ended up getting a teapot and some cups (they came as a great bundle deal) as well as a nice cup of Chocolate Macaroon tea. It was just as tasty as it sounds – and it’s also their tea of the month online, so probably a good time to grab it!

Finally, we capped the night off with some poutine from Smoke’s Poutinerie. We ate it out inYonge-Dundas Square – less than a block from our hotel – and enjoyed the lights in the square.

That was the point in the night at which I proposed to her.

I think Sarah immediately said something like “Are you serious?” Then she said yes, which, of course, made me really happy – the best moment of my life to date, honestly.

Sarah told me today that happiness was sitting in the square, sharing some poutine, and getting proposed to. We agree on a lot of stuff, but that’s one thing I disagree with her on – happiness has gotta be hearing her say yes and getting to slide that ring on her finger. There’s no other word that can describe that.

Anyway, that was Toronto. We’re gonna try and cross the border next weekend, now that we have a list of documents to get together, and hopefully everything will go well there. I’m hoping for the best – we’ve got plans to go to the Midwest Morris Ale at the end of this month, and I’d hate to have those thrown off!

Life’s been pretty good this month so far, and I’m excited to see what the rest of it brings. So far, as I was getting ready to post this blog, I found out that I was awarded Employee of the Month at Mainstreethost. That was a very exciting thing for me – I love my job there and I’m excited to do more there. I’m also looking forward to seeing Sarah again next weekend. Even if the border guys don’t let us through (although they should, with the amount of documentation we have), it’s a wonderful thing to get to see her.

Anyway, it’s getting late here, and I have work in the morning. Another busy day ahead of me, but that’s okay.

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