Effectively done with college, feels good.

Just finished what I expect to be my last finals ever, period. I was really stressing out over them and it was definitely affecting my visible emotions, but at least they are done now. I wish I could just graduate now, but alas, that is not happening – I need two more upper-division credits. This boils down to a total of one one-hour violin lesson per week…so that’s fun.

Regardless, the hard part’s done now, and that’s good. I’ve been really looking forward to the point where I can say “All right, I can calm down and take a step back”. I’ll finally get some time to focus on StarCraft, which I’ve been trying to find time for all semester. It’ll be nice to have that time, and I can finally pursue my goal of being a little more competitive as far as laddering and maybe getting up to diamond league.

My one concern at this point actually stems from employment now. I’m planning to move out of the country (I’m currently living in the United States; planning to move to Ottawa, ON, Canada), and finding a job when I’m 2000 miles away worries me. The other part of this, of course, is that I can’t move up until I get a work visa from what I understand, so I need to get an offer before I move. While I feel like I’ve got a marketable skill set, I’m still really nervous about that – but honestly also a little optimistic. I’ve made it this far, and maybe I can make it just a bit farther.

Of course, if you live in Ottawa and are looking for a tech support guy to start this coming summer, let me know.

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