Big update post

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a while so this post will be long. Settle in and grab some popcorn.


Well, I made it to Buffalo, as you might imagine. I’m currently saving up to move into an apartment within the next month or so and other than that things have been going well as well. Getting to see my aunt Diane and her daughter Emma last week was nice! It’s been nice to have a place to stay while I get prepared to get back out on my own again and much thanks go out to my wonderful grandparents for that.


I’m currently employed at Mainstreethost, a Buffalo-based SEO/marketing/design company, as a member of the IT support team here. I’m mainly dealing with internal things, not with clients – so a typical day might have me working on a new server build or moving sites from server to server. It’s been interesting, though – despite the new technologies, nothing feels nearly as hard – or as need-this-yesterday-y – as working at SAIT. That job prepared me so much for the real world it’s ridiculous. Interesting, too, when you consider how little my degree has done for me so far.


I’ve been having some fun at home working on servers outside of work as well. I’ve been building virtual boxes with my Dreamspark-provided Windows Server 2012 product key, and have been most recently experimenting with building some private game servers. This has actually taught me a lot about SQL, as most of those things operate with an SQL backend – so have had to pick up how to do database queries, modify entries, manage a database on the fly. Lots of fun.

I’ve also been experimenting on my own with website design. Iput together a Joomla news portal and some forums for some friends, and I think it came out really well – it’s relatively aesthetically pleasing and is extraordinarily functional. Good times, and good experience.


I’ve been getting really into DotA recently. Well timed for me, since next week is the finals of the biggest e-sports tournament of all time – The International 3 – and I’m looking forward to going up to Toronto to watch the games with other fans! It’s nice to be close to things like this (I wanted to go to a TI2 event last year, but the closest thing was…actually the event, which is held in Seattle. Couldn’t really make it that far, but Toronto’s only 2 hours away).

Also looking forward to going to the .38 Special/Blue Oyster Cult concert at Artpark tonight! A really cool thing that I’ve noticed about Buffalo is that there are a LOT of concerts, and none of them cost very much money. This was a pretty big act, and the ticket only cost me $5 (plus ticket fees of course).

Sports here are great too. I went to a Bisons game a couple weeks after I arrived in town, and it is so nice to have a Triple-A team to watch. When I went, I actually got to see Jose Reyes playing! They have a great stadium there and it’s awesome to be able to catch the occasional game. I am definitely planning on going to a couple Bills and Sabres games when their seasons start up as well!

I had a nice scare with the DMV this weekend. They sent me a lovely letter telling me that my car’s registration and license plates needed to be surrendered because it wasn’t insured. I did manage to clear that up thankfully – turned out the dealer who sold me the car made a mistake and typed in the code for the WRONG INSURANCE COMPANY when they sent the info to the DMV. So that was fun. Fortunately, after a few moments of panic, coupled with 30 minutes of Googling, I found a way to take action on those summonses online. Changed the insurance company number that the DMV had, and called them on Monday. 40 minutes on hold and a 20 second phone conversation later, everything was resolved. Thank goodness – I really didn’t want to take time off work to go shove the policy into some DMV drone’s face.

Had a chance a few weeks ago to go visit Sarah in Ottawa. I must say that being within driving distance (driving distance that is not 60+ hours on a bus, anyway!) is super nice. I am thinking about going up and visiting again maybe over Labor Day weekend or something, if everything works out; it’s so much better to be this close!

The news that Matt was going to be moving to Manhattan was great to hear as well. It’s really not THAT bad of a drive down, and I’m hoping we get the chance to hang out sometime in the next couple months. It’s been far, far too long!

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