Back to it…

I found my old blog posts on my laptop recently, backed up from my old WordPress blog before I stopped paying for web hosting.. Decided to upload them. Now I have a blog again – whee.

I’m so out of practice at this. Guess that comes from not blogging for two years or so. I guess at this point, the question really begs itself: what have I been doing for the last – how long has it been since I’ve last posted anything? – almost two and a half years!

Well, where to begin? I’m still at college, finishing up the last few things I need to get my degree. I did end up majoring in political science (although I did add on a minor in music), and I expect that to be finished up as of May of next year. Of course, I’m not going into a career centered around either political science ormusic – no, that would be far too silly. Instead, I’m going to continue working in a field that I’m good at.

I’ve been spending the last year and a half working in theStudent Affairs IT office, doing tech support for university staff as well as students. This year, I’m actually a student supervisor. This has really added to both my leadership skills and my resume, and I’m hoping that it will translate well to finding a real-world job in Ottawa.

Oh, and I’m moving to Ottawa after I finish school. I guess that’s a thing. The job hunting process is…interesting when it comes to trying to find work across the border. I need a work visa to legally work, but the work visa requires me to have a written job offer. This means that it’s really hard to determine availability when it’s really dependent on how quickly the Canadian government gets back to me – which means that finding a job can be…difficult. Life goes on, I suppose, and I’m sure I can findsomeone willing to hire me – it’ll just take some time investment, which is honestly okay. I can cope with time investment.

Whew. It’s a short post, but at least I’m getting back into the whole blogging thing. I’ll try to keep this updated occasionally, if anything just to let everyone know I’m still alive.

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