Another quick update

Whew – sorry I’ve been gone so long! There’s been some personal stuff that has taken me away from blogging for a couple of months. I’m back now, for the most part, and am hoping to get some more interesting posts up soon. For now, I’ll just give a quick overview of my last month or so.

For starters, I’ve been working on the wedding – it’s all coming together fairly nicely, but unfortunately, it’s looking like we’ll have to have the ceremony with everyone separately from the part where the marriage license is obtained. Visa processing is just a little too slow! Fortunately, it won’t affect the wedding itself – that can still go ahead as planned.

One thing that is going very smoothly, though, is my house purchase. I’ve been working through that process for the last couple of weeks and I really feel like things are coming together smoothly. The estimated close date for that is in mid-July, so not that far away! As you can imagine, this is consuming quite a lot of my time as I try to get everything in order – my signing hand is getting a real workout.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to write about over the next few months. My tech posts seem to be more popular for the greater Internet population, but I sometimes struggle to find things to write about. I think I might refocus and start talking about life a little more instead. I don’t want to abandon the tech writing, but it will probably be more sporadic.

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